Friendly Friday Bridge Club

Bridge is fun and learning to play opens up a whole new world. It keeps your brain active and introduces you to many new friends.  Anyone can learn you dont' need to be great at maths or have a photographic memory though it does help if you can count!   And if you've played any card game before then you have a head start.

Our relaxed and friendly classes run for two hours and are part tutorial and part play with a break mid way through for a drink, a biscuit and a chat.

Courses starting in September 2017

Year One Beginners 7.20 pm for a 7.30 pm start on Tuesdays Term 1 starts 19 September
Year Two Improvers 7.20 pm for a 7.30 pm start on Mondays Term 1 starts 18 September

The first and second year courses were designed by the EBUTA (English Bridge Union Teachers Association) to run for approximately 30 weeks and they follow a set programme, each week building on the topic learned the one before. They are flexible though and can be modified if needed; the pace slowed or quickened according to the needs of the group.

All the teaching team have been through the EBUTA training course and are recognised as qualified teachers.

All new students are invited to attend their first lesson without obligation – enrolment does not take place until the end of the class and the individual is sure s/he wishes to continue.

Course Fees

Weekly lessons cost £8.00 and students pay in advance for  half a term of  6 weeks.  For students who prefer to pay per term the price is reduced to £7.50 per week and is thus £90 for a 12 week term.

Course Work Book

Students are required to purchase the course work book which is produced by the EBU. All lessons are based on this book and it provides a permanent record of the subjects covered. This costs £25.00 and is available in class.

Please contact Penny and Brian if you would like to join a course in September.